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A Modest Proposal

A man from China named Liu Dongsheng has built a working jetpack suit — and he pulled it off in about two years, for just $100,000.

That gives us an idea. Elon Musk, how about you hire this guy? You could let him spin up the Tesla Jetpack Division.

The Specs

The jetpack, shown off in a video posted by state-owned China News Service, is reminiscent of the one built by UK-based Gravity Industries, with what appear to be a pair of jets affixed to the ends of each arms and a fuel tank strapped to the back.

According to China News Service, the jetpack can fly to an altitude of 200 meters and cover five to ten kilometers — but for safety reasons, Liu isn't planning to go higher than three meters for safety reasons.

Unsurprisingly, the inventor was reportedly inspired by "Iron Man."

Iron Man Suit

Liu faces stiff competition in the jetpack market. Gravity Industries, founded in 2017 by "real-life Iron Man" Richard Browning, has developed a strikingly similar suit and has set several speed records over the last few years — though it's almost certainly spent more than $100,000 in the process.

California-based Jetpack Aviation has also pioneered a jetpack suit, claiming to be "the first company to design and manufacture a true jetpack for personal flight," according to a statement by CEO David Mayman.

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