"Nice try buttercup."

Need For Speed

An Air Force captain may be in the doghouse with his employer after lying about the cops shutting down a section of Las Vegas road for him so that he could go nearly 50 miles over the speed limit in his Cybertruck.

As Vegas' KLAS news station reports, Matthew Wallace's command at the nearby Creech Air Force Base is aware of the captain's since-deleted X-formerly-Twitter video that showed him bragging about how fast the futuristic electric truck can go in just a few seconds.

"Cybertruck makes a U Turn using only my pinky," Wallace wrote in a June 2 tweet. "Check mate."

Though the video was deleted soon after it went viral, quick-thinking X users saved it, and it's clear that the Air Force captain is basically doing drag racing stunts on a stretch of road where the speed limit is clearly marked at 35 miles per hour.


Pants On Fire

After his U-turn trick, Wallace accelerates rapidly and the car's display shows that he reached a speed of 83 mph. When other X users pointed this out, as KLAS notes, the captain chastised them with an apparent fib about the police letting him do it.

"Also you notice there’s not a single car or a single pedestrian on the road?" he responded, per the local report. "Ya think maybe I was smart enough to reach out to my cop buddies and let em know I was conducting a road test and they have cordoned off the area for me? Nice try buttercup."

When KLAS reached out to Las Vegas police to ask about the claim, however, a spokesperson said they were unaware of any such road closure. While the department said it can't cite Wallace for speeding based on the video alone, his superiors at the Air Force base being aware of it likely won't bode well for him.

In the Air Force Academy's cadet honor code, service members-in-training vow to never "lie, steal, or cheat, nor tolerate among us anyone who does." If that code extends to captains in the branch, Wallace may well be in big trouble.

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