Chonky's back, tell a friend.

He's Back!

The gigantic "Chonkasaurus" snapping turtle has once again been spotted on the Chicago River.

In a short video posted to Twitter, Chicagoan Charlie Portis gives the gigantic turtle — who went viral last month upon the first time it was sighted — the star treatment he deserves with his own mock movie trailer.

"It’s Chonkosaurus part four," the man said in a deep film announcer voice. "This time, it’s personal."

Shell Game

As the Chicago Sun-Times reports, Portis and his 14-year-old son were towing kayaks on the river for their rental company when they spotted him near the wonderfully-named Goose Island, where he was spotted the first time around.

The man initially told his kid he didn't expect to see Chonkasaurus, which is estimated to weigh anywhere between 35 and an astonishing 60 pounds, because he's been AWOL since his initial appearance a month ago.

As they approached Goose Island, however, the big ole' boy — estimated to be around 50 years old — came into view, and didn't seem to be disturbed by the noise from Portis' boat.

Interestingly, Portis' company Wateriders took the Sun-Times out looking for Chonkasaurus last month, though he didn't make an appearance on that voyage, the paper notes.

As fun as this whole story is, it also carries a deeper positive message too, given that wildlife as, er, robust as Chonkasaurus can now survive and thrive on the Chicago River, which prior to successful efforts to improve its quality was seriously polluted.

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