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In China, Overpriced Graves Force People to Bury Dead in Jars

April 6th 19__Kristin Houser__Filed Under: Future Society
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Grave Problem

Chinese cities are running out of space to bury their dead, causing the price of available plots to skyrocket — in some cities, they now cost twice as much per-square-meter as an apartment.

The price spike is putting traditional burials out of reach for many Chinese citizens — leading a growing number to bury the ashes of their dead loved ones in biodegradable jars in undelineated plots, according to a fascinating new story by The Guardian,

Space Saver

These “eco burials” can allow for 2,000 bodies to be buried in an area that would previously only support 500 or 600 traditional graves, according to The Guardian.

While Chinese officials have been promoting the alternative option for several years, citizens are only now starting to warm up to the idea, according to Sun Ying, director of marketing and planning at Tianshou, a private cemetery operator offering the eco burial service.

“Public acceptance of eco burials is improving,” she told The Guardian, later adding, “I think in the future, there will be more and more people joining this land-saving way of burial.”

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