Talk about a hot product.

Burn Ward

It appears that Apple's newest smartphone is literally too hot to handle, CNBC reports, with buyers saying the newly-released iPhone 15 is heating up to such a degree that it's too hot to hold.

One engineer even clocked his handset at a scorching surface temperature of 107.6 degrees Fahrenheit, just a hair lower than NASA researchers' pain threshold of 111.2 degrees. Ouchie mama.

To cool down the phone and the complaints, Apple has promised to release a software update, according to CNBC, blaming the excess heat on buggy apps, iOS 17 glitches, and increased software activity during the setup period.

"The device may feel warmer during the first few days after setting up or restoring the device because of increased background activity," read an Apple statement issued to CNBC.

Heat Market

Could the iPhone 15's much-hyped titanium shell be a factor that's exacerbating the issue? TF International Securities analyst Ming-Ching Kuo made that case in a Medium post.

"The primary cause is more likely the compromises made in the thermal system design to achieve a lighter weight, such as the reduced heat dissipation area and the use of a titanium frame, which negatively impacts thermal efficiency," Kuo wrote, adding that efforts to turn down the heat may hurt performance and ultimately sales.

Titanium is a poor conductor of heat compared to the steel used in prior iPhone models, leading to speculation that it's impacting the handset's heat dissipation. But Apple told The Guardian that the titanium body shouldn't be a culprit.

Despite the drama, lines have been reported out the door of Apple stores with the phone selling like hot cakes.

The promised software update hasn't materialized yet, though, so it's impossible to say whether it'll successfully address the phone heating issue.

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