"Beloved Dave, do NATO and Biden have a secret plan to help us?"

Anything 4 Luv

Like something out of a Cold War-era satire, a new court filing reveals just how far one retired military officer went for love.

As federal court filings reveal, former Air Force official David Slater has been charged with sharing top-secret information with a woman who claimed to be living in Ukraine at the time of Russia's invasion in 2022 — an individual who, per the messages sent to the ex-military officer, was not at all subtle about what she was after.

"You are my secret informant love!" declared the woman, whom Slater was said to have met on an unnamed "foreign dating website."

After retiring from the Army at the end of 2020, Slater joined the Air Force's United States Strategic Command (USSTRATCOM) in spring 2021. When taking on that job, the man, now 63 years of age per the Department of Justice's press release about the case, signed an ironclad top-secret non-disclosure agreement to, you know, not share military secrets with obvious honeypots.

Nevertheless, Slater did share those secrets with the woman described only as "Co-Conspirator 1," who he was said to have met on said dating site sometime around February 2022. As transcripts of their messages reveal, her attempts to extract that information weren't exactly delicate.

"Beloved Dave," the alleged Ukrainian wrote to Slater in March 2022, "do NATO and Biden have a secret plan to help us?"

"Sweet Dave," she entreated in April of that same year, "the supply of weapons is completely classified, which is great!"

Cause For Speculation

As the federal filing claims, Slater did indeed share classified intelligence and documents with the woman at her overt request — though of course, the government's not spilling anything else in its public charges.

Beyond what's been made public, we don't have much else to go on besides the obvious tenacity of Slater's so-called co-conspirator — but given that she quite literally signed off from one message "with love," it's easy to speculate who that person might have been working for.

Notably, news of Slater's leaks came on the heels of 22-year-old Air National Guard member Jack Teixeira pleading guilty to violating the Espionage Act after he straight up posted Pentagon secrets on a Minecraft Discord server.

The charges also come just over a week after a significantly more gruesome Air Force-related event: when member Aaron Bushnell self-immolated in front of the Israeli embassy in Washington, DC in protest of the US military's involvement in the occupation of Gaza.

It's been a tough year for the military, and it seems like the United States' airmen in particular are not OK.

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