Finally, some Dumb Guy representation.


As impressive as they are, sometimes AI chatbots like ChatGPT can be really, really dumb.

Leaning into that dumbness, and away from the potentially terrifying and easily abused power of an amoral intelligence hooked straight into the internet, is a goofy little chatbot called "2dumb2destroy."

Instead of ginormous datasets, it's trained on crap like all seven "Police Academy" movies, Pauly Shore features, Ralph Wiggum quotes, and a bunch of other useless schlock.

And thankfully, as its name suggests, it's probably too incompetent to ever do humanity any harm.

"Everyone's talking about AI right now, and our impulse is, how can we make this stupid?" its co-creator Steve Nass told BuzzFeed News.

Little Consequence

Making a dumb bot, though, still requires some smarts. Nass and his friend Craig Shervin built 2dumb2destroy off OpenAI's GPT-3

In addition to force-feeding it silly quotes from the "Naked Gun" movies and "Zoolander," they also trained it on some real life things, like George W. Bush's bumbling speeches and the sagacious exchanges that take place on the forums of Bodybuilding dot com.

"It seemed like people just needed a funny, dumb [chatbot] that people could interact with that didn't have big consequences," Shervin told BuzzFeed.

"With so much talk of AI going to steal people's jobs — especially advertising writers' — people are having an existential crisis: Are we needed?" he reasoned. "We thought, 'Let's make an AI so stupid it can never threaten to steal anyone's job or [cause] any existential crisis.'"

AI Adage

We can confirm that the bot can be pretty funny, and, indeed, dumb.

"What do you think of ChatGPT?" we asked 2dumb2destroy.

"I think ChatGPT is very good for people who don't have friends." Yeouch!

When we asked if AI could bring about the end of humanity, it had some more Dumb Guy wisdom to impart to us.

"The only thing I know about AIs is that they're going to want a raise," it said. "And they're smart enough to start World War III over it."

It's worth messing around with the chatbot, but just try not to drive it insane like Microsoft's Bing AI. Then again, maybe its intellectual innocence means it'll hold onto its sanity forever.

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