The yacht is comically hideous, and can only be described as "Minecraft-esque" with its blocky design.

Ghost Yacht

Listen, we’re not here to lecture you about how you should and shouldn’t spend your money — but you definitely should never spend more than half a million dollars on a make-believe yacht you’ll never be able to physically step foot on. 

And yet, it happened. Somebody paid roughly $650,000 in ethereum for an NFT yacht that only exists in an also-ran metaverse platform last week. 

The sale was made by metaverse and NFT developer Republic Realm for the metaverse platform The Sandbox, first spotted by Hypebeast. The yacht — dubbed "The Metaflower Super Mega Yacht" — sold for 149 ETH, making it the most expensive NFT asset on the platform. 

Digital Specs

The yacht is comically hideous, and can only be described as "Minecraft-esque" with its blocky design. It’s made up of four stories complete with lounge areas, a hot tub, dance floor, DJ booth, and two helipads (nonexistant helicopters sold separately). You can check it out and right-click to your heart's content on its OpenSea listing.

The yacht is a part of Republic Realm’s "The Fantasy Collection," a line of luxury NFTs developed for The Sandbox platform that includes jet skis, speedboats, and private islands along with marinas and beach clubs. So there’s still plenty of opportunities to set your money on fire if you feel like it. 

So yeah, it’s pretty absurd to drop so much money on a yacht you can’t ever physically enjoy. However, there are some upsides to it if you squint hard enough. Since it’s all digital, there’s no upkeep and maintenance costs for the yacht. Plus, if you have enough money to spend more than half a million on an NFT, it’s probably a rather insignificant amount to you anyway.

The only challenge now: Finding friends to join you on your make-believe yacht. There might not be enough money in the world for that. 

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