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Baby Engineer

Kairan Quazi is too young to get a learner's permit at the age of 14, but the Los Angeles Times reports that he's already rocketed to an adulthood milestone, years ahead of schedule: the California teenager is set to graduate from college and has already locked in as a software engineer at Elon Musk's private exploration outfit SpaceX.

"Next stop... SpaceX!!! I accepted a position as Software Engineer at one of the coolest companies on the planet!" wrote the teenager on Instagram, posting his job acceptance letter. "Thank you everyone for continuing to follow my crazy journey!"

Quazi, who's set to earn a computer science degree from the Santa Clara University School of Engineering this month, will be moving to Redmond, Washington for the job....with his mother in tow. Even precocious teenagers still need their parents.

Space Prodigy

This SpaceX gig isn't out of character for Quazi, who has been turning heads with his preternatural intellect since he was a toddler.

By the time he was two, according to the LA Times, Kairan was speaking in complete sentences. Doctors eventually evaluated his IQ and found it to be "above the 99.9th percentile," according to a profile on the child prodigy in BrianGain Magazine when he was nine. Unchallenged by grade school work, Quazi started taking college classes at Las Positas College and then transferred to Santa Clara.

"I felt like I was learning at the level that I was meant to learn,” Quazi told the LA Times.

Even before joining Elon Musk's outfit, Quazi has an impressive resume that should make him prepared for his first real job. According to his LinkedIn profile, Quazi has been a software engineering intern at machine learning company Blackbird.AI and interned at Intel Lab's Human AI Lab. We'll be watching his career with great interest — especially because his new boss can be unusually challenging.

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