Thanks to Graphene, We May Harness The “Limitless Energy” Beneath Earth’s Surface

Want a limitless supply of energy? We know where it is, and graphene could help us get to it.

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Powering the Future

How will the world continue to push the boundaries of sustainable energy? It seems that the solution for a new, revolutionary energy source is right under our feet. Ultimately, scientists think that we could solve the world’s energy problems by collecting geothermal energy in a newfound way…and they are working to do just that.

A section of the groundbreaking documentary, Billions in Change, highlights the immense potential of a new geothermal energy concept. This idea starts with a modern substance being utilized by entrepreneur-turned-good-Samaritan, Manoj Bhargava, and his team of highly skilled engineers.

This substance is known as graphene.

At a glimpse, graphene sounds like it’s straight out of a science fiction novel. It’s essentially carbon dissected at single-molecule level: The world’s first two-dimensional object. It’s almost transparent, and almost weightless, but it’s stronger than steel and possesses a particularly amazing property. Namely, graphene is one of the best conductors in the world.


Limitless Energy Potential

In fact, graphene conducts 100 times better than copper! It also conducts heat in an oddly direct way. Energy is transferred through graphene from end to end without any heat remaining in between.

To that end, just a few miles beneath us lies nearly unlimited potential. There is an astounding amount of heat below us; all we need to do is collect that energy. It’s possible to transfer geothermal heat into clean energy. But what’s stopping the world from harnessing this power?

Quite simply, it’s the resources we have to transfer the Earth’s heat, or a lackthereof rather. Copper based instruments melt the further down they go, and so do most other conductive materials. But not graphene. This is because graphene is the world’s most conductive substance, all while being malleable and stronger than metal.

Using graphene to collect geothermal energy is extremely promising, and Bhargava is the person at the forefront of this incredible idea. As the CEO of the popular Five Hour Energy drink, he’s taken his immense wealth and channeled it into creating the energy source the world needs. What we need is energy that is limitless, without creating pollution. In those regards this idea is extremely promising.


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