Under normal circumstances, the first few months of the year is a boom time for gyms. Everybody’s making new year’s resolutions and vowing to stay fit and exercise regularly, and gyms are usually packed as a result. But thanks to the pandemic, a lot of people are foregoing gyms and struggling to find a home workout routine that meets their needs -- which brings us to the Tempo Studio.

The Tempo Studio brings the engagement and encouragement of a personal trainer into your home. Your specific fitness needs and goals will be reflected in the feedback you receive in your exercises, and the entire experience is optimized thanks to Tempo’s cutting edge AI technology.

The centerpiece of the Tempo Studio bundle is the 42-inch HD easel display that will become your gym-away-from-gym for the indefinite future. But it also includes an array of important fitness equipment, including a barbell, plates, dumbbells, workout mat, recovery roller, and heart rate monitor. Basically, the Tempo studio gives you everything you need to get fit with the kind of specialized attention that most people don’t get even if they do have a gym membership.

The Tempo Studio: Turn Your Home Workout Into the Gym of the Future

Image via Tempo

This happens by way of Tempo Studio’s 3D motion capture technology. This feature will analyze your form and provide exercise feedback that takes into account your own specific goals. Normally, these insights are only available to those paying top dollar for personal trainers, like professional athletes. But now anyone with a Tempo Studio can benefit from them during their home workout.

Tempo Vision is one of the key features that sets the Tempo Studio apart. With Tempo Vision, your body will be analyzed by 30 pulses of infrared light per second that combine to form a granular 3D model of your body detailed down to 80,000 individual points. That model in turn will produce reams of data that the Tempo Studio system can count your reps, monitor your heart rate, make personal recommendations about your technique, and much more.

The Tempo Studio’s AI capabilities are extremely impressive. But in the world of home fitness, as with everywhere else, there’s nothing like a human touch. Thankfully, with a Tempo membership, you’ll also have access to real-time live trainers as well, who can also provide personalized input during scheduled classes. Then there’s Tempo’s “challenge mode” which allows you to test your ability against fellow Tempo members all over the world.

Another key point in the Tempo Studio’s favor is that you don’t need a ton of space to use. Believe it or not, it only requires about five feet of open floor space to turn your house or apartment into a world class personal fitness temple.

Right now, a home workout is the safest way to exercise. And the Tempo Studio is the best possible way to do it. For more info, and to order yours now, head over to the Tempo online store, now.

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