According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, we have explored less than 5% of the ocean. And since the ocean covers some 70% of our planet, that means there's a lot of unexplored territory on our pale blue dot. And a team of scientists exploring the deep sea off the coast of Puerto Rico have highlighted just how much we don't know about our oceans.

To study the depths of the ocean, the team was using a remotely operated deep sea vehicle. Due to the excessive pressure that is found at the bottom of the ocean, these special diving vehicles are used to go where humans simply can't. The vehicles are easy to maneuver, can stay below water for extended periods, and don't have to fear any adverse effects from the increase in pressure.

The first part of the mission was spent mapping unexplored portions of the seafloor. On the final portion of their 52-day expedition, the scientists turned their attention to the life that lives in these regions. Across 12 dives, the team was able to explore the ocean to depths reaching 6,096 meters (20,000 feet). Ultimately, they saw more than 100 species of fish, 50 different deep-water corals, and hundreds of other invertebrates.

See the amazing footage in the video below.

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