Black Friday is nearly upon us, and there are a lot of possible gifts to buy. Yet with supply chain problems and high demand, you probably won't see many sales. That's where a membership to Sam's Club can help you save on your holiday shopping, and our early Black Friday discount and food bonuses pay dividends before you buy a single gift.

How Sam's Club Works

Sam's Club gets discounts by using the buying power of its club members to get items at wholesale and sell them in bulk. That volume purchase both drives down the overall cost of the purchase and the cost of the item per unit.

This works not just for household staples and occasional bulk purchases, but also for mass-produced gifts like books, movies, consumer electronics, and more. Sam's Club also negotiates discounts for members that include hotel stays, vacation packages, rental cars and other services. Even better, this deal comes with bonuses that make it an even better deal.

A Membership That Pays For Itself

A Sam's Club membership pays for itself with your purchases, but buying right now first secures a price drop to just $19.99. And with your first in-person purchase, you get a free rotisserie chicken and 8 gourmet cupcakes, a $4.98 and $7.98 value respectively.

That means with your first visit you'll not only get deals on your holiday shopping, but a free meal and dessert to go with it. Especially with this holiday season, where deals will be scarce and holiday budgets are tight for many, it's an ideal way to get the best gifts for the best price, and save before you even walk in the door.

Get a Sam's Club Membership + Free Rotisserie Chicken & Cupcakes for $19.99 (reg. $57) during our Black Friday Sale!

Prices subject to change.

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