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A New Kind of Tracking

We have reached the point where fitness tracking is ubiquitous in our society. For a relatively low price, it’s easy to find a wearable device that does basic tracking of how many steps you take, what your heart rate is, what your sleep patterns are, and so on. Such technology has become baseline in wearables. And if you’re just looking for help counting your steps, or some inspiration to put more effort into getting a goodnight’s sleep, the products on the market are just fine — they do the trick.

But with only one piece of equipment used to gather data, you’re not getting a full picture or really advanced reading of your body’s movements and metrics. To this end, unfortunately, wearing a popular fitness tracker is nothing like going to the doctor and getting a checkup.

Most trackers fall short for this reason: While the consumer industry leaders like Fitbit, Nike Fuel Band, and Misfit have enough technology to document steps and pulses, they don’t have the ability to put together the bigger picture of their user’s health. Essentially, they’re not dynamic enough to be clinical-quality. And when you’re looking to track your vitals, why settle for anything short of what a doctor might use?

That’s where Biostrap comes in. They assert that their aim is to change the industry standard, and to this end, they have created a device with biometrics so advanced that physicians actually use the same tech to monitor their patient’s physical health. So you can count on an accurate and dependable recording, and wearing a Biostrap feels like you’re going to the doctor.

Why The Biostrap Laps All Others

Investing in a Biostrap is taking a fast-track road to getting into shape. While it’s a bit more expensive than the other trackers on the market, priced at $249, it’s a serious device that’s perfect for people who want to get (or already are) serious about their health.

The Biostrap is a platform of two different devices that work in tandem to capture all of your body’s efforts. Together, the wristband and shoe clip create a precise picture of your every move. To break down the specifics, the Biostrap extracts more than 29 parameters to offer reliable accounts of user’s Heart Rate Variability, Oxygen Saturation, Respiratory Rate, and more. And because exercise is more than just “steps taken in a day” it’s programmed to recognize over 20 different kinds of physical activities. From squats, to strides on the elliptical, to butterfly strokes in the pool—the Biostrap is counting every physical activity its users engage in.

And if it doesn’t recognize what they’re doing, they can teach it to. After recording a few reps of the movement, the Biostrap will remember it for the future. You’ll never again have to wonder: if you work out and no one else is at the gym, have you even worked out at all? If you’re wearing a Biostrap, it’s always watching. Want one? Use code FUTURISM for free shipping here.

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