There’s nothing more annoying than your phone dying at an inopportune time. However, when you’re at work, or running errands, or working out at the gym, a dead phone battery is really just an inconvenience. And at least you have a few options to deal with it. You might be able to find an outlet and charge it for a few minutes, or maybe you can charge while you drive from the grocery store to the dry cleaners. But when you’re backpacking, camping, biking, or boating, a dead phone battery isn’t a mere inconvenience. In those situations, you need your phone in case of an emergency, or for navigational purposes, or even just to take photos of the scenery. So how do you keep your phone charged without an electrical outlet? The answer is the brilliantly designed SolarFlex 10 solar charger.

Of course, the SolarFlex 10 is not the only mobile charging option out there. It’s just the smartest option.

Rechargeable power banks work well, but they’re fairly heavy, and for a longer trip you’ll have to pack a few of them. There are also other solar phone charging options out there. However, those can be pretty heavy as well, since a lot of companies seem to think we need unnecessary accoutrements like flashlights, radio receivers, and so on.

But the SolarFlex 10 solar charger is different.

Meet The SolarFlex 10

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What sets the SolarFlex 10 solar charger apart from other solar phone chargers is its unparalleled simplicity. It’s foldable design doesn’t just make it ideal for packing it up and taking it on the go. It also enables the SolarFlex 10 to get maximum sun exposure in the smallest possible form factor. This solar charger measures just 7x10.5 inches and weighs 0.65 pounds. When folded in half, you can throw it in a backpack or beach bag and totally forget it’s even there.

Despite the SolarFlex 10’s incredible size and portability, it still packs a powerful punch. In full sunlight this thing generates 10 watts and 2 amps. That’s enough power to charge a phone or any other USB powered device—tablet, GPS, e-reader—in about 3 hours, or roughly the same amount of time it takes to charge a device using a standard wall outlet.

Naturally, the efficiency of the SolarFlex 10 drops off a bit when you are not getting direct sunlight. However, it will generate power so long as you can see a shadow. In fact, the SolarFlex 10 is specifically designed to work in all weather conditions. It’s even water resistant, which means you can keep using it in light rain or snow. And with four built-in eyelets on the four corners of its frame, it’s easy to hang the SolarFlex 10 on tents, backpacks, bikes, clotheslines, cars, or any other you like. It even comes with two small carabiner clips.

An Amazing Solar Charger At An Unbelievable Price

Image via GoSun

If you’re looking for a lightweight, powerful, and affordable mobile charging solution that can handle just about everything you throw at it, you simply will not find a better option than the SolarFlex 10. Order yours today before the spring rush hits and they’re sold out for the season.

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