Although traveling can be one of the most rewarding experiences, preparing for a trip and, the journey to your destination can actually be insanely stressful. This is because it’s hard to adapt to every curve ball that comes your way while journeying to paradise. From flight delays to undesirable weather, it can feel like something’s constantly trying to prevent you from enjoying your travel. However, there’s a way to take the stress out of travel, or at least lower it: the Samsara Smart Suitcase. This tech-savvy luggage incorporates a variety of electronic components into one unit and is redefining the idea of what smart luggage should be.

The Samsara Smart Suitcase - Smart Luggage For Tech-Savvy Travelers


The Samsara Smart Suitcase is the most functional carry on luggage with a built-in USB port sold today. The high-tech, carry-on is definitely a luxury item, but it is made using recyclable materials for a fraction of the price or similar pieces. With it, you’ll look smart and travel intelligently because it includes everything you need on the go. The suitcase is made of aviation aluminum alloy and geared for easy and efficient travel in today’s modern, technological world. This is because the design team at Samsara has developed an unparalleled piece of smart luggage resulting in the most compatible, safe, and secure travel gear around. Regardless, if you’re traveling for business or pleasure, the Samsara’s suitcase is the ideal choice thanks to its state of the art safety features, LED luggage light, and charging compatibility.

What Technology Does It Feature?


With the Samsara Smart Suitcase, you’ll be able to relax and enjoy traveling thanks to its unparalleled security features. Which is powered with a built-in battery to give it a multitude of functionalities. Thanks to these upgrades, you’ll never have to panic over where your bag’s gone. This is because you’ll be connected to it with Samsara’s cutting edge mobile app. Once you’re synced up with the app, you’ll get a notification if your carry-on moves away from you. Additionally, you’ll also get alerts if your bag is opened or stolen. This way you’re constantly in sync with your luggage, no matter where you are traveling. Not only that, the app controls the LED light inside the carry on suitcase and monitors your luggage’s battery power percentage. It also features USB-C compatibility so you can charge your laptops, mobile devices, and tablets wherever you are in the world.


How Will It Streamline Traveling?

Samsara’s forward-looking creative team collaborated to rethink the essence of travel — specifically for your needs, blending classic looks and cutting-edge technology with the best carry on luggage for your travels. Because of that, the Samsara’s USB carry on comes equipped with everything you need to pack for your trip including packing bags, toiletries bag, and garment bag. Samsara’s TSA approved luggage also consists of an ergonomic design with a flat top, which allows you a space to work and stay connected wherever you are. All you have to do is choose between black matte or natural silver so you can take your travel experience to the next level.

If you’re on the market for a smart piece of luggage that is ergonomically designed and features smart technology, the Samsara Smart Suitcase is for you. It will simplify your travel experience while affording you the ability to stay connected with your bag. This sleek, smart, durable bag is not only an investment into your sanity, but it’s a way to set your mind at ease when you’ve got better things to do, like enjoy your trip.

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