The Ubiquitous Assistant

By now, you’ve probably met Siri. You speak to her, give her directions, and even hold conversations with her; basically you’ve made the most of her capabilities as a handy, smartphone-based digital assistant.

The person behind this novel addition to smartphone technology is Dag Kittlaus.

Dag Kittlaus/ Twitter

Since co-founding Siri, Kittlaus has gone on to become the director of iPhone Apps for Apple, heading the Siri and speech recognition division. From there, he left Apple to work on his vision of what the next generation of AI should be.

Today, Kittlaus and his team announced a new platform-based AI, called Viv, which will be unveiled at Disrupt NY 2016. Viv takes the technology used in Siri and improves upon it significantly—taking advantage of what Kittlaus refers to as a ‘Cambrian explosion in AI.’ The AI will work with apps and systems to create a whole new immersive experience.

To see Viv in action, you can get tickets to Disrupt NY scheduled for May 9-11.

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