While companies in the entertainment industry are busy thinking of all new ways we can playfully experience virtual reality (VR) in our own living rooms, eBay has something a little different to offer.

The eBay VR Department Store is launching in Australia, and coming for the rest of the world soon. In partnership with Australian retailer Myer, the e-commerce company is taking shopping to a different world...virtually, that is.

Without having to set foot outside your home, you can now browse through thousands of Myer products with just your smartphone. The app is available on either iOS or Android, and eBay is giving away free "Shopticals"—basically Google Cardboard—to take the experience to the next level.

The company asserts that the experience relies solely on sight, meaning you need only to look to browse and add items to your cart. They're calling this eBay Sight Search. Checking out, however, requires you to leave the VR world.

Though still in its infancy, eBay and Myer decided to launch the app immediately in hopes of gathering more information on people's shopping habits. This data will be used to improve the app down the line.

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