Too many people have died in the fight against ISIS. Families, friends, loved ones are left alone and suffering. And the death toll just keeps rising.

One invention is looking to put, at least some, soldiers out of harm's way on the battlefield.

The armed robotic system on display at a security and defense exhibition in Baghdad in early 2016. Image Source: @nomorestans/Twitter

Two, unnamed, Iraqi brothers has built a machine-gun-wielding, remote controlled, ground vehicle intended for combat against ISIS forces. Alrobot (Arabic for robot), is a car-sized and tank-like robot, equipped with an automatic machine gun and a rocket launcher. Guided by four cameras, the vehicle can be controlled by a someone on a laptop from a kilometer away. After watching a video of the machine posted by Baghdad PostEliot Zweig of the Middle East Media Research Institute tells Defense One that the robot is going to be used to help retake the city of Mosul from ISIS.

Since information about this robot, and its creators, is scarce (possibly for their own safety), we don't know whether this is a one-off or whether there are more to come in the future.

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