Satechi has made a name for itself by releasing premium accessories at accessible prices. That trend continues with its new 30-watt GaN (Gallium Nitride) charger and USB4 cables, which offer equivalent or faster charging and data transfer speeds respectively than the accessories big companies like Apple or Google include with their hardware. 

Other well-known accessory makers like Anker and Nomad offer similar charging gear, but Satechi is offering the same level of performance while beating them on price. Its new charger and cable are available for $29.99 and $24.99, and the company offers a 25 percent discount for anyone who places an order before March 20 and uses the promo code CHARGER25 at checkout. This brings their cost down to $22.49 and $18.75, a relative bargain. These accessories are available on Satechi's site today, and will ship as soon as possible.

Both the charger and cable are compatible with any tech with a USB-C port, from the highest-end MacBook Pro to an entry-level Bluetooth speaker, and they'll be a big upgrade over the accessories most companies ship with their products. If you've been disappointed by how long it takes to back up your computer or charge your phone, these accessories are designed to address those needs. 

Satechi's 30-watt GaN power adapter is powerful enough to charge an iPhone, Android phone, Nintendo Switch, or iPad at their fastest speeds while being roughly half the size of Apple's similarly spec-ed charger. It's larger than comparable chargers from Nomad or Anker, but that's due — in part, at least — to the charger's design, which features prongs that flip up into the charger when it's not in use. This reduces the risk of the charger getting bent, and therefore unusable, in your bag while traveling. For this reason, I always recommend getting a charger with this type of design if you plan on using it while commuting or traveling.


Satechi's GaN charger is an excellent accessory, and its new USB4 cable is designed to solve a persistent problem most people have but don't realize: slow data transfer speeds. Despite the wide adoption of the USB-C port, getting a high-performance cable (aka fast and consistent) to connect accessories to your machine has become increasingly difficult. 

You'd be forgiven for confusing a USB 3.1, 3.1 Gen 2, Thunderbolt 3, and a Thunderbolt 4 cable because they all look the same despite having completely different features. Their data transfer speeds can vary between 5Gbps and 20Gbps, and only some of them allow you to connect your computer to a display. And of the ones that allow you to connect your computer to a display, only some support outputting video at 4K. 

If you're confused, don't worry, so is everybody else.  

Satechi's USB4 cable cleans up that mess: It offers the fastest-possible transfer speed (40Gbps), can drive an 8K display, and features a durable braided outer case with thick connectors to avoid fraying. The devices you have today might not support the maximum data transfer speeds offered by Satechi's USB4 cable, but getting one is an excellent way to future proof your computer setup. As you get new gear, you won't have to worry about swapping out your cables, or spend time figuring out why your computer isn't able to connect to a monitor because you accidentally grabbed the wrong cord. 

This USB4 cable also fixes another annoyance most people experience with third-party cables: Its maximum charging speed is 100 watts, which is enough to fast-charge basically any device. Many similar-looking cables top out at 60 watts, so if you've been wondering why your laptop isn't charging as quickly at the office as it does at home, that's likely the culprit. We're fans of the fact that Satechi is offering its USB4 cable in 10-inch and 2.6-foot sizes, which can accommodate most desk setups or travel bags. This isn’t the first USB4 cable available right now, but Satechi’s accessories have been so consistent in our experience that we recommend getting this one, especially since it undercuts the competition on price.

Both of Satechi's new accessories offer practical solutions to common problems at a great price, and we plan on getting hands-on time with them to see how they perform in hands-on tests.

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