The Samsung Odyssey Ark is one massive, powerful gaming monitor, and packs serious next-gen power and features you never knew you needed. And if you reserve it right now, you can save $100 once it’s available to preorder, not to mention, $200 in Samsung e-cash. Here are some of the features of this gorgeous gaming monitor. 

Gigantic Curved Screen: Samsung Ark is 55 inches, which is one of the biggest monitors ever conceived. Expect your senses to be overwhelmed, especially with its 1000R curvature, which wraps around your field of vision for the maximum level of immersion.

Speed Demon: Despite its size, Samsung Ark is no slouch on the speed front. Its 165Hz refresh rate with 1ms (millisecond) response time ensures your monitor won’t go sluggish once the action heats up.


New Horizons: The Samsung Ark rotates from its standard horizontal to its horizontal “Cockpit Mode.” This allows you to customize the layout of your workstation, and tap into every manner of game genre, from arcade classics to top-down shooters. 

Simply Cinematic: Ark’s Neural Quantum Processor Ultra combines 20 multi-layer networks, and an AI processor analyzes images to restore and provide the best picture, down to the smallest pixel. 

Control at Your Fingertips: The Ark Dial is a new kind of monitor remote, and lets you customize your viewing experience quickly and easily. Customize screen layout, activate quick settings, or simply pull up your library of games with a sleek, solar-powered remote. 

This is just a peek at the potential that the Samsung Ark will provide when it’s released. Reserve for free now, and save $100 when the Ark is finally available for pre-order.


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