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Russia plans to create own space station by 2024

Andrew JohnsonFebruary 25th 2015
  • The proposed Russian space station would give the country’s space agency a platform to further its goals to explore the Moon, which is a priority for Roscosmos. The agency will look to study the Moon, using robotic equipment over the next decade with the goal of sending manned missions to the moon by 2030.
  • “The configuration of a multi-purpose laboratory module, a [docking] node module and a scientific power module [would] create a promising Russian space station to meet the challenges of providing secure access to space,” a statement from the agency read.
  • Russia’s decision to continue its cooperation with the International Space Station will come as a relief to the other partners involved in the program. There had been uncertainty whether Russia would continue following western sanctions introduced against the country. Russia is currently the only nation capable of getting astronauts to and from the ISS, following the disbanding of NASA’s space shuttle program.

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