It wasn't so long ago that AI-enhanced cyberattacks and daily data breaches were found in novels, not headlines. Staying on top of cybersecurity trends, and keeping them from appearing in your screen, takes constant protection and ongoing training. The VPN Unlimited & Infosec4TC Platinum Cyber Security Course Membership Lifetime Access bundle gives you both. Valued at $1199, this membership is on sale now for only $89.99.

Discover Threats

Infosec4TC was built to keep cybersecurity professionals up to date. As new exploits, malware, and techniques are found by researchers or turn up "in the wild," being fully informed about how to fight back can make the difference between a secure system and a breach. Infosec4TC has some of the highest pass rates for online training, because it's built on the knowledge professionals already have. With lifetime access, cybersecurity and IT professionals can quickly get up to speed and implement the needed fixes before the breach can happen.

Protect Your Gear

Personal protection is just as important. Even people unconnected to IT departments or cybersecurity can be targeted by criminals or fall victim to passive traps hidden in public Wi-Fi spots and through innocuous websites. Legitimate networks can still invade your privacy by keeping a record of where you go and what you do.

A virtual private network, or VPN, helps keep out crooks and snoops. Instead of connecting directly to a site, you connect through one of VPN Unlimited's over 400 servers, using the VPN protocol you prefer. All traffic has AES 256-bit encryption, and a built-in kill switch that means you can shut down a connection if you're concerned about safety. Ping tests, a Trusted Network list, and Favorite Servers let you configure even further, so you're always protected and can connect anywhere with confidence.

Get the VPN Unlimited & Infosec4TC Platinum Cyber Security Course Membership Lifetime Access bundle for $89.99 (reg. $1199).

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