Driving with style

You can now drive this sleek, two-seater, ultra-high-mileage, tricycle in 41 states without a motorcycle license as they get on board in the easing of the licensing process for prospective buyers of the trike. Over the past few years, Elio Motors' serious efforts has made all but 9 states recognize the trike's huge potential as a fuel and space efficient vehicle that does not compromise the riders safety.

Green Impact and Economics

At only 160.5″ by 66.8″ by 54.2″ (LWH), Elio is extremely efficient in confined spaces being quite car-like, as it also packs airbags, seatbelts, a steering wheel, an accelerator and, brake pedals in its automotive arsenal. Top that with its 84mpg, and you’ll be passing gas pumps in your Elio all day long; putting out far less gas pollutants than your average vehicle. Oh, and speaking of passing gas, the "Elio will emit even less harmful emissions in the atmosphere per year than the average flatulent cow," according to Elio Motors.


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