Rental properties have always made excellent investments from a purely financial perspective. The only problem for most people was that acquiring and managing them was a hassle. Researching and choosing a property, making an offer, navigating the closing process, finding tenants, and then carrying out your duties as a landlord—it’s all so complicated and time consuming. That’s why most people just put their money in stocks and bonds. But what if investing in rental properties was easier? What if you could research, purchase, and manage properties anywhere in the country from the comfort of your own couch? Because now, thanks to a high-tech real estate investing platform called Roofstock, you can.

Why Do Rental Properties Make Such Great Investments?

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Before we get to Roofstock, you might be wondering why the single-family rental sector makes such a good investment. And really, it all comes down to four main factors.

The first factor is variety. Right now there are approximately 16-million single-family rental units in the United States worth an estimated $3 trillion. With that many potential investment properties to choose from, it makes it a whole lot easier to find properties that meet all of your criteria.

Second, single-family rentals give you two ways to make money. Not only do they generate income every month from rent, but when you select the right property in the right area, its value will appreciate over time. That, ultimately, is how you grow your wealth.

Third, rental properties offer tremendous stability. Studies based on data from the U.S. Census Bureau, S&P 500 returns, and U.S. Treasury show that investments in the SFR market offer similar returns to the stock market, but with less volatility.

Fourth, and perhaps most importantly for anyone planning for the future, returns on single-family rentals are uncorrelated to the stock market because they are not affected by the same economic forces. That makes single-family rentals an excellent choice for anyone who wants to diversify their portfolio and hedge against market downturns.

Roofstock Real Estate Marketplace

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Roofstock is a comprehensive online platform that gives investors powerful tools to make smart decisions, making investing in single-family rental properties radically simple and efficient.

With Roofstock, you shop for and buy rental properties through their online marketplace. This marketplace is curated using state-of-the-art AI analytics and features properties located all over the country. Each property has a proprietary “neighborhood score” designed to help you understand the area, as well as all other financial, quantitative, and qualitative data that you previously had to pull together from a variety of sources.

Once you take ownership of your rental property you are free to manage it yourself. However, Roofstock can also put you in touch with reputable property managers. While that will cost you more money each month, it also means you are not limited to buying properties in your city, or even your state. And that in turn means you have access to more lucrative rental markets.

Many of the properties on Roofstock’s marketplace already have tenants, which means you can start earning income as soon as you take ownership. However, Roofstock offers what they call a “Lease Up Guarantee” for vacant properties. Basically, if you are not able to secure a signed lease on your rent-ready home within 45 days of closing, they will cover rent for up to a year.

Amazingly, the “Lease Up Guarantee” isn’t even Roofstock’s most impressive feature. They also offer a 30-day money back guarantee on the purchase of any property through their online marketplace. Seriously. If you are not completely satisfied with your real estate purchase, all you have to do is contact Roofstock within 30 days of closing, and they will start the refund process.

A New Way To Invest In Real Estate

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If you’ve always wanted to invest in rental real estate, but you were intimidated by all the work involved, you need to take a look at Roofstock. Their all-in-one platform simplifies the process of purchasing rental properties and significantly reduces financial risk. In short, it’s a total gamechanger.

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