It wasn't so long ago that the internet was supposedly about to kill the book. Instead, we now use the internet, or at least machine learning, to recommend books, find deals on books, and even to write books. Still, if you're nervous about getting to that ever-growing library on your Kindle or in the corner of your bedroom, or need to be picky about what you spend your time on, a two-year subscription to Blinkist Premium will help you corral that herd of words. And if you act fast, you can save 73% off the retail price, as this deal is only available for a limited time.

Blinkist is built to help you get the gist of popular nonfiction books quickly, so you can decide whether you want to dig deeper. It offers detailed, concise summaries in both text and audio form, called Shortcasts, so you can understand the main points of a book. Shortcasts are produced with the assistance of the original authors, ensuring that every production contains the most important points from the work and insights you won't get anywhere else, while preserving the intent of the author.

All of this content is available for download, so you can keep a library on your phone and stay productive even when your signal drops out. You can sync any highlights you make with Evernote, so you'll always have a summary handy, and send Blinkist's summaries to your Kindle, perfect for creating lists to read or checking out which books you want to read in-depth. Blinkist currently has over 4,500 titles in its premium library, on topics ranging from parenting to corporate communication. And 70 more titles are added every month, including classics from the field and the latest bestsellers.

Normally a two-year premium subscription to Blinkist would cost $383, but for the next two weeks, it's just $99, at 73% off.

Prices subject to change.

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