The science of learning a new language has advanced a long, long way since you had to crack open a textbook and practice declensions. And as we tie ourselves more closely to other people and cultures, learning their language is going to be more important to daily life. The top-rated Babbel app, fortunately, makes learning a new language easy, and with a $199.99 lifetime subscription, 50% off the usual price, it's even easier. It's an investment in a lot more than understanding an unfamiliar menu.

Why Learn A New Language?

The first reason to learn a new language is practical: It's useful in your career, whether you're still in school or looking to climb the corporate ladder. As companies become more international, growing new markets, and as education goes global, being able to speak different languages and better communicate with others stands out on a resume and can help you land a higher-level, better-paying job. While translation software can help, at a professional level, there are turns of phrase, grammar rules, idioms, slang, and other day-to-day language elements that are far more nuanced than the technology can handle.

Learning a language is a powerful way to connect with other people, yet that's not the only reason to pick one up. Research is pointing towards the conclusion that becoming multilingual is a workout for your mind, particularly when it comes to task-switching and attention span.

This is due to how the brain handles a second language. When you use multiple languages, your brain has to "inhibit" the others, so you don't slip in some English terms in your French and make it harder to be understood. That inhibition helps keep you sharp, whether you're learning a language for the first time or looking for a workout for your mind on the job. It can even help lifelong learners keep their brains sharp. And Babbel's designed to fit into anyone's day.

How Babbel Works

Babbel, which currently offers 14 languages, starts with concise lessons that are ten to fifteen minutes long, perfect for fitting into a commute, a lunch break, or your morning routine. The idea is to begin developing language skills that you can use immediately. If you're completely new, you can start with the beginner lessons, or if you're coming back to a language, you can up the challenge and get right into it.

Each lesson is focused on practical topics, which both makes it useful in real life and also ties it to everyday topics that provide handy context clues, so you're never stumped on a word or a turn of phrase. You also constantly use what you learn, so your skills and vocabulary are reinforced with each lesson, a technique called immersion. Advanced speech recognition technology will help you with pronunciation, and as you practice, personalized review sessions will ensure what you pick up sticks.

Nor do you have to break your streak if you forget your phone, or head somewhere without internet for a few days. Babbel's apps are available on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android, and lessons are available to download so you can practice offline. And as your progress, it'll sync across all your devices, so if you leave your phone at work, you can still get a lesson in with your laptop or tablet.

As communication networks pull us more closely together, for both business and pleasure, leaning on translation software and other tools won't cut it. For just $199, a full 50% off, you can begin exploring the languages of the world with Babbel, and build your mind and career while you're at it.

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