Here’s a new gadget that paranoid parents will love—a baby monitor that will update you on your baby’s oxygen level, heartbeat, and breathing rate from afar.

Philips unveiled a camera that can detect a baby's vital signs, all without touching or disturbing it. The contactless baby monitor can run a check on pulse rate, breathing rate, and blood oxygen level by detecting changes in skin color that are invisible to the naked eye.

"For patient populations with specific conditions, managing their care in a less intrusive way is critical in order to avoid unnecessary distress," says Philips Patient Care CEO Carla Kriwet.

According to the company, the results are accurate to within 2% of traditional measuring methods, but are still subject to several factors, including the patient's skin color.

Philips calls the results "promising" for the future of contactless monitoring, but we all know it’ll take a wee bit of time to perfect the technology for it to be used worldwide. Still, helicopter parents rejoice—now you can monitor your child's vitals in unprecedented detail.

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