This film reveals what the fashion designers of America predict women would look like and wear at the turn of the century (2000 CE). These predictions were made in 1939, which is some 61 years before the Millennium. Some of the highlights are:

They thought that women would wear glass dresses (which would be rather unconformable and hot on sunny days). They believed that we would scientifically keep the atmosphere at the "right "temperature (no indication if they thought that the "right" temperature would be a planet-wide 70 degrees or...?). And they were more than a little aghast at the thought of a woman wearing pants. Perhaps most tellingly, while the women are thrown into long and somewhat impractical garments (glass, really?), the man's clothes are entirely practical (if somewhat bulky). The man of the future, they believed, would wear a telephone...which is more or less true.

For more, see the video below:

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