Aston Martin and Red Bull have been very secretive about their newest collaboration: the AM-RB 001, or Project Nebula. But a few juicy details slipped out about the mystery project at the Monaco Grand Prix from Aston CEO Andy Palmer.

Up until now, all that was known about the hypercar was that legendary F1 engineer Adrian Newey was involved, and that it will be the fastest vehicle on four wheels. Now, Aston Martin has shown a full sized model of the car, and released several details. Including the fact that it will only have a 99-unit run, and will only be sold at certain markets due to that low volume.

Credit: Autocar

Few technical details have been revealed, but Palmer has confirmed to Autocar that the car will be mid-engined. It will also be a petrol-electric hybrid. But hybrid fans be wary: the car can’t go too heavy on hybridization because it would need a bigger battery.

Pricing is understood to be between £2 million and £3m ($2.9 million and $4.3 million), although Palmer said it won’t be disclosed. “We won’t announce a price because in this kind of market, you talk to the client independently,” he said. “It’s the old adage: if you need to ask, you can’t afford.”

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