Omnidirectional wheels are nothing new, but even if it’s been around for ages, people are still wondering if it’s practical to use at all.

William Liddiard, a Canadian inventor, recently came up with his own take on the classic design of omnidirectional wheels and called it the Liddiard Wheels.

Liddiard says that unlike other omnidirectional wheels, his design doesn't require any extra modifications to the car. It’s pretty much “plug-and-play,” designed to be functional in all weather and road conditions.

Image source: Inverse

The Liddiard Wheels have the same build characteristics as regular tires, such as standard rubber composition and functional treads.

Liddiard is still fine-tuning the current design before the omnidirectional wheels could be available for commercial. For now, parallel parking omnidirectional dreams will have to wait a little longer.


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