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Jun 24 by Futurism Creative
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If you don’t use it, you lose it

It’s an easy-to-remember quote that is all too real for our minds and bodies: if we don’t continuously hone and sharpen mental and physical abilities, our ability to function at the optimum level gradually declines. 

If you stop attending the gym, you’ll lose muscle mass. The same can be said about your mind.

Although many of us lose some of the core math and science skills that we don’t use on a daily basis, they become no less important in our everyday lives. Whether it’s preparing for a new job role, trying to keep up with the latest scientific journalism, or simply staying in the know about the world around us, it’s always a good practice to practice these skills—but how? Brilliant has all the answers. 


Brilliant is an innovative, intuitive online learning platform that will take your learning to the next level as you see math and science in a whole new way. Offering fun, interactive ways to learn math, science, and computer science, Brilliant aims to build your quantitative skills as you learn (or re-learn) the foundations behind our technology-driven world. Brilliant was designed by award-winning teachers and professionals from MIT, Caltech, Microsoft, Google, and more, ensuring that every course is informative, engaging, and student-friendly. Each course is 100% interactive, offering a new way of learning for fundamental concepts in math and science.

Want to better understand probability for your next casino visit? Try a course that illustrates how probability works by playing casino blackjack (without losing to the house, of course). That’s just one of the many ways Brilliant uses animation, creativity, and real-world examples to illustrate concepts that often confound us. 

While strengthening your foundation in core math and science concepts, Brilliant takes you further by expanding your understanding of cutting-edge scientific fields. You can learn how to train a neural network or program a quantum computer through the same intriguing, interactive materials—like a drag-and-drop programming puzzle, for example. 

Accessible for everyone from ages 10 to 110, Brilliant provides the perfect platform for lifelong learning for the real student at heart. With Brilliant, there’s no grades or competition: it’s a fun, challenging, new way to learn that allows you to learn at your own pace while challenging you to expand your knowledge. The first 200 people to sign up for an annual subscription get 20 percent off for a limited time. If you’re ready to be challenged and informed like never before, try Brilliant.


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