Image by Kris Tha Sis

Dental implants are supposed to make your smile look better — but they made one TikTok user's mouth stand out in all the wrong ways instead.

In a TikTok video that went viral this past weekend, user Krys Tha Sis showed her smile under blacklight at a night club. Her real teeth glowed — while two dental implants, the lateral incisors in her top jaw — remained a dull purple in the club lights.

She jokingly captioned the video: "leaving this club forever."

"This is something the dentist should warn you about especially if you like to go clubbing," she told The New York Post after her glowing reception at the club.

The Post, it should be noted, incorrectly wrote that her dental implants glowed. But Krys Tha Sis  confirmed with Futurism that it was actually her natural teeth that were standing out in the night club, creating a peculiar contrast with the implants.

"The implants actually do not glow in the black light," she clarified. "I only have two implants total."

For those wondering, there's a perfectly scientific explanation for her natural teeth's glow-in-the-dark quality. Photons in ultra-violet light — or black light, colloquially — interact with certain minerals in teeth to produce fluorescence, the glow we see in teeth at bowling alleys or other events featuring black lights.

Dental work such as the TikToker's implants in her mouth does not have the same fluorescent quality, because they're usually made of ceramic or resin.

So next time you are dancing in the club and see someone with what looks like mismatched teeth, most likely they paid good money for the privilege of that smile.

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