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When you give the Gravity Blanket as a gift, it’s like giving the recipient a great big hug every night before they fall asleep. That’s because the Gravity Blanket is a premium, weighted blanket engineered to be around 10-percent of your total body weight. This extra weight relaxes the nervous system by simulating the feeling of a hug, and promotes a more resultful, deeper sleep. The Gravity Blanket’s gridded stitching keeps internal micro beads evenly distributed, which prevents the weight from shifting and clumping in one place. The blanket also features a soft, removable, microfiber duvet cover which is also available in Faux Fur. And when the Gravity Blanket is paired with the Gravity Weighted Sleep Mask and/or the Calm app, you’ll get an even better night’s rest. Check out all the Gravity products here

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