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If you know someone who is in desperate need of a mattress upgrade, a smart mattress from Eight Sleep will make the perfect gift. With a gift from Eight, they’ll get more than just a mattress. They’ll get a free personal sleep coach that will help them get the best possible night’s rest. For example, the company’s Jupiter+ model uses proprietary sensors embedded in the mattress cover to monitor sleep patterns and biosignals. What exactly does that mean? It means each morning they’ll receive a detailed report of the previous night’s activity, including a breakdown of total sleep time, REM sleep, and time spent tossing and turning.

The mattress also features dual zone temperature controls, a smart alarm, and a risk-free 100-day trial. And best of all, it also comes with smart home integration, which means it will work with all of the other cool smart home gifts they get during the holidays. And a mattress that automatically turns off lights when you fall asleep, or starts a coffee pot when you wake up, is a gift that keeps on giving the whole year. Invest in better sleep today

Exclusively for Cyber Monday, Eight Sleep is now offering $200 off and a free Amazon Echo Dot with your purchase.

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Futurism fans: To create this content, a non-editorial team worked with Eight Sleep, who sponsored this post. They help us keep the lights on. This post does not reflect the views or the endorsement of the editorial staff.

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