28 May 2020
Victor Tangermann

New White House Coronavirus Guidelines: 10 People Rule, Other ‘Recommendations’

55 days after the first known case in America, we now have "recommendations."
by Foster Kamer / March 16 2020

At a press conference on Wednesday, the White House issued new “guidelines” and “recommendations” for Americans to follow in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.

Among them, the ten people rule: Don’t gather in groups of more than ten people.

The other recommendations include avoiding movie theaters, restaurants, bars, and performance venues, as well as avoiding non-essential travel, and urging older Americans to stay home as much as possible.

The recommendations are not binding law. They’re just recommendations and guidelines.

The recommendations come 55 days after the first known case of COVID-19 (the disease caused by the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus) was diagnosed in the U.S., in late January, in Washington State. In those 55 days, cases have continued to proliferate across the world, Italy has gone into a full lockdown, and 4,286 other cases have been diagnosed in America, as several states and then the entire country were declared to be in a state of emergency.

Experts by and large agree that social distancing, self-isolation, and quarantine are the best way to fight an infectious disease, especially one which can be contracted (among other ways) after prolonged close contact by someone who has symptoms, or as is the case with COVID-19, by someone who might not even be showing symptoms.

To that end:


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