Our national treasure isn’t whatever Nick Cage was searching for — it’s the 52 million acres of preserved, natural, and wild spaces we call our national parks. If you long for our oldest park (Yellowstone), dream about our biggest park (Wrangell-St. Elias), or pine for our newest park (New River Gorge), these National Park-themed goodies will shout your love from your coffee table, your walls, and your morning cup of joe. 

National Parks Puffy Blanket


Key Selling Point: A landscape-inspired, recycled camping blanket that gives back to the parks. 

As a 1% for the Planet member, Rumpl donates to the foundation that supports the national parks. They also make a killer blanket. Water-resistant and made from recycled plastic bottles, the National Parks Puffy Blanket is a little larger than four by six feet and even has a cape clip so you can use your hands (while staying warm and looking cool). 

National Parks Road Trip Learning Set


Key Selling Point: A book set for kids that combines fascinating facts about the parks with a fun activity book. 

Sure, the set is targeted at kids aged eight to 12, but no one’s going to call you out if you skim some knowledge from its illustrated pages. Covering 21 of our parks, “National Parks of the U.S.A.” focuses on the amazing plants (such as the Florida strangler fig), animals (marsh rabbits and friends), and other life (lava crickets, for example) that call our parks home. The 32-page activity book includes crosswords, mazes, a fold-out map, and 50 stickers. Because from what we know of kids, stickers are life. 

"Ansel Adams: 400 Photographs"


Key Selling Point: The most comprehensive collection of work from an iconic photographer of our national parks.  

If you’ve never seen Half Dome in person, the image that just popped in your head was probably one from Ansel Adams. His photos are so good, they sent one to space. A huge advocate for the national parks, he documented 40 of them over four decades. This volume reproduces some of his most impressive park images paired up with essays on his work and quotes from the artist himself. 

Vintage National Parks Puzzle


Key Selling Point: A collage of vintage parks posters jigsawed into a challenging 1,000 pieces. 

So you’re into national parks, retro design, and working a puzzle on a chill Sunday? Have we got a lovely prize for you. With more than 25 vintage park posters collaged together, this 1,000-piece puzzle comes together to form 22 by 28 inches of pure park pride. 

National Parks Explorer Map


Key Selling Point: An archival-paper map to hang on the wall and keep track of the parks you visit. 

When it comes to goals, visiting every national park is a damn fine one. This wall map is made by a design studio in Brooklyn and shows off each of the 63 national parks — all the way up to 2021’s New River Gorge out in West Virginia. It’s printed on archival paper, measures 18 inches tall by 24 inches wide, and comes with a sheet of tree stickers to stick on each park you check off your bucket list. 

National Parks Color Map Mug


Key Selling Point: Commemorates the parks you’ve visited so you can relive the memories each morning. 

Designed by globetrotting makers in the UK, this ceramic mug becomes a personalized record of the national parks you’ve seen. Use the included porcelain pen to mark off a park, then bake it in the oven to set it. Repeat the process after you see Carlsbad or the Grand Tetons, then again after your Yosemite or Dry Tortugas trip. 

"The National Parks" (Paperback)


Key Selling Point: Stunning photography and inspiring history of our national parks. 

This full-color, image-packed volume will fire up anyone’s park-based wanderlust, while inspiring a new-found appreciation for the NPS. Detailing the past, present, and optimistic future of the National Parks Service in essays from conservancy groups, the stunning imagery comes from Ian Shive, an Ansel Adams award-winning nature photographer and committed environmentalist.

Final Thoughts 

The parks are called “America’s best idea” for a reason. With the National Parks Service, the most beautiful scenery in our country has been preserved for every single one of us to enjoy — not just people named Musk, Bezos, and Buffet. Sure you can drink from any mug, but why not drink from one that celebrates one of the best things we’ve ever done?

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