You might think that strumming a guitar without an actual instrument would be like playing soccer without a ball. And back in the day, you may have been right. But now that technology has caught up to the world of music, you can hit those riffs and chords without a guitar string in sight and conjure up some pretty sweet tunes, all thanks to this fabulous innovation.

Say hello to the PocketGuitar. It’s small enough to fit into, you got it, your pocket, but features a sound large enough to fill a room. Bluetooth-enabled and aptly shaped like a pick, all you need to do is hook it up to your smartphone through the AeroBand app, and thanks to the patented AI technology you’ll soon be channeling your favorite rock star, or classical guitarist, or folk legend … the choice is yours!

Not only does the app comes with a complete and fully editable library of chords, but it allows you to edit the grooves, arpeggiate the chords, and adjust the variations, to give you just the sound you want.

The concept is simple. One hand masters the app, the other “strums” the PocketGuitar, much like you would a real guitar. If you’re a total beginner, you can learn the basics by playing some of the interactive games or learn to jam along to the included playlist. If you’re a seasoned player, you can bring your skills to the next level, transferring them to the “real world” of guitar playing, or even combining the two.

The result? Smooth, realistic sound with little latency, and a whole lot of fun (not to mention how you will generally benefit from playing an instrument). As EasyGuitarSong puts it, "Aeroband company’s vision is that everyone can play music here. The diversity and inclusiveness of players allow to build a strong emotional connection with Pocketguitar."

As an added bonus, the PocketGuitar can also be used as a foot sensor when connected to your PocketDrums.

So instrument, schminstrument … who needs one when you have this little wonder? Better than an air guitar, certainly much lighter than the real thing, and your perfect accompaniment wherever and whenever the mood for music strikes. Get PocketGuitar today for the reduced price of $34.95

Prices subject to change.

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