Art predates the written word and possibly even formal spoken language as one of the first forms of human expression. And as we learn more about art and creation, we've discovered that creating art is therapeutic when undergoing long-term cancer treatment and dealing with mental health concerns. Art is good for you, and it may even be good for your career; a 2017 survey of arts graduates found that 70% of them were earning a living in their chosen field of study, while 75% of STEM graduates were working somewhere else.

It's also never been more accessible. Where before you needed a legion of art supplies, and the money to keep buying them when they ran out, now all you need is a good art program, a tablet, and a stylus to start drawing, painting, and creating. However, tools don't make an artist; practice and learning do. That's where the Pencil Kings Ultimate Character Drawing & Design Course Bundle, which is just $35 for a limited time. You'll learn from experienced, professional artists how to draw the most challenging subject: The human form.

The Pencil Kings approach is different from most art instruction. The courses are developed and taught by working artists in the comic book, video game, and animation industry, with a focus on what they've learned having to develop great art on a deadline. They've also been designed to be used on commonplace tools like tablets, so you can get started right away with what matters to get you drawing, starting with the basics:

Gesture Drawing: The best drawings of people reflect not just how they look but how they move through spaces, which artists learn through gesture drawing, running off a series of poses to create a sense of motion, heft, and gravity. The first two courses of the bundle will train you how to look at how people move with a critical eye, from beginner to experienced. It begins with simple line poses done in seconds and as you improve, you'll spend more time on each pose to fully capture the nuance.

Anatomy: Mastering anatomy can be one of the more difficult tasks for any artist. The next two courses will ease you into observing bodies in motion and at rest to better grasp drawing them naturally. It starts with a beginning course that takes you, quite literally, head to toe. Once that's finished, you'll dig into anatomy in more detail with an advanced course that explores how anatomy can shift over time, depicting different types of anatomy, and adding design elements and your personal style.

Figure Drawing: Once you've mastered gesture drawing and anatomy, you can combine them into figure drawing, fully depicting the human form. One course will take you through everything you need to know to combine the two, and then you'll learn how to develop your own style and incorporate it into your figures, making your art uniquely your own.

The next set of courses focuses on character design in specific genres, by walking you through a series of different stock types to learn how they're designed. SF characters, wild west characters, and more will be used to teach you about design, clothing, research, and how to create character designs in your style.

Whether you've never picked up a pencil, want to better appreciate the art you experience every day, or even want to sharpen your skills as an artist, the Pencil Kings Ultimate Character Drawing & Design Course Bundle can make it happen. And at $35, it'll cost you less than a run to the art supply store.

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