Learning a new language is fun, but it can be so much more than that. Learning a new language is cross-training for your mind. It can improve your overall cognitive skills (even in unrelated disciplines, like math). Bilingualism is even a predictor of better outcomes for delaying and managing dementia. And, of course, it opens the door to a better understanding of other cultures, whether you want to visit a new country, or simply have a better, richer conversation with someone from somewhere else, wherever it is you are, in whatever first language it is they speak.

However, many find learning a new language a steep, intimidating challenge. Even in countries where schools teach a second language as mandatory, just over half can speak a second language fluently. But it doesn't have to be hard. Memrise, which is just $99.99 for a lifetime subscription, a 28% discount, uses cutting-edge learning techniques to bridge that gap — and make it easier for everyone.

How Memrise Works

Memrise uses a three-step process to build on the natural tools we develop from learning our primary language, modeled on language immersion. Think of language immersion as jumping right into the pool, intellectually, as opposed to dipping in your toe. Consider how we all pick up our primary language; sure, there are lessons to be schooled in, but we also use language every day, moment to moment, in ways large and small, speaking and reading, interacting with others. Memrise takes that exact approach to make other languages more accessible, working with the tools we've already developed for our first language, in order to learn a second.

First, it uses real-life words and phrases to ease you into the language, via a learning engine that works with you to adapt your lessons over time. Language teachers have found that exploring real-world terms and phrases helps draw you into the lessons and makes the language easier to grasp. You won't have to slog through declensions, but instead, get a guided course that follows your needs and interests. If you're traveling, for example, and want to be sure you're communicating properly, you'll be guided through courses that focus on common travel terms and questions.

Second, there are thousands of audio and video clips available on the app helping to create an immersive learning environment. These clips aren't of teachers repeating a lesson; they're of everyday speakers from different countries, giving you not just technical content, but also, the everyday feel of how a language is spoken. Tone, cadence, and other aspects of language are very different when you go from classroom to the real world – and these clips help you pick those up, making it easier to communicate.

Finally, it develops a no-judgement zone where you learn as you practice, instead of throwing grammar lessons at you. While becoming fluent is the ultimate goal, everyone gets there through a different path and needs a different approach. Besides, the focus on learning by doing means that as you work with the grammar, you'll pick it up your way.

A New Language In Your Pocket

Memrise is designed to come with you, whether you're heading out on a trip or just need something richer than a podcast on your commute. It's available on iOS and Android, and for Windows and Mac, so you can immerse yourself any time you've got a moment. You can also download courses to practice offline, whether you'll be off the grid for a while or just going into a tunnel.

Learning a second language is both fun and useful, and if you've struggled before, now's the time to try it the natural way. And at just $100, this deal offers a lifetime of learning in a concise, easy to use package.

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