If you’re getting ready to travel abroad, you’ve probably already started looking into translator apps for your phone. And that makes a lot of sense. There are tons of different translator apps out there, and some of them work really well. The only problem with translator apps? Not only do you need to make sure you have a data connection, which is a whole separate headache, but depending on where in the world you’re traveling, it’s not always a good idea to walk around with your $900 phone in your hand. That’s a good way to get your phone—and all the photos, boarding passes, hotel reservations, credit cards, and any other personal information stored on it—stolen. For that reason, when it comes to surmounting language barriers, we recommend the revolutionary Langogo Pocket AI Language Translator.

What makes the Langogo Pocket AI Translator so special? In addition to providing amazingly accurate real-time translations, it also serves as a powerful digital assistant and a global wifi hotspot, all in one.

Langogo Pocket AI Language Translator


Unlike other translators that rely on a single AI translation engine, Langogo uses a special algorithm that integrates 24 of the world’s most advanced neural machine translation engines, including those developed by Google and Microsoft. As a result, Langogo can translate 105 different languages, even picking up things like context and accents to provide the most accurate translations possible.

For convenience, Langogo has two different translation modes: one-button translation and conversation mode. The one-button translation mode is designed for quick, simple interactions, such as ordering something at a restaurant, or telling a cab driver where to go. You simply press a button on the side of the device and talk, and Langogo translates your words into the pre-selected language in less than one second.

Conversation mode, by contrast, is designed for more complex interactions. Once activated, Langogo starts listening with dial noise cancellation microphones that pick up any human voices in a 30-inch radius, even in outdoor spaces and noisy rooms. Then Langogo starts translating everything being said so you can actually have a full, hands-free conversation with someone who speaks another language.


Of course, while the translation capabilities are outstanding, what really sets this device apart from the competition is its connectivity. The Langogo has three ways to connect to the internet: wifi, a removable SIM card, or eSIM. The first two options work just like they would on any other device. The last, however, is fairly new technology, though you may have heard of it thanks to the iPhone X. An eSIM is just a built-in SIM card. However, unlike a regular SIM, the eSIME is a new, globally recognized SIM platform that allows you to switch back and forth between carriers. That means it will work wherever you are on the globe so long as you have a data plan.

And that brings us to the next amazing feature of the Langogo. When you buy one, it comes with a two-year global data plan. This allows you not only to use your Langogo for translations, but as a global wifi hotspot that can connect up to five devices at a time, including your phone, tablet, laptop, and smart watch. When you’re two-year subscription expires, you can purchase a new one directly from your device, or you can get a local plan of your choice using a regular SIM card.


Langogo has a 3.1-inch retina display and smooth touch screen control. It also has a voice-activated digital assistant called Euri that works like Siri or Alexa and is perfect for getting directions and food recommendations. So Langogo isn’t just the world’s most accurate pocket translator. It’s a brilliant all-around mobile device that can ably stand in for your phone while exploring the world.

The Langogo Pocket AI Translator is a total game-changer that removes language barriers and keeps you fully connected wherever you are on the planet. If you love to travel to far off exotic places, you’d be crazy not to give this device a look. So click here to learn more about the Langogo.

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