Educational toys aren't what they used to be. The days of flashcards, building blocks, and workbooks are as archaic as the lessons they taught. These days, if you want your child to have a competitive chance at a successful future, you have to prepare them with programs that will enrich the STEM curriculum. In fact, a recent study concluded that young children are more than capable to engage in the scientific methods taught to high schoolers, if the lessons were taught at an appropriate level. That's where Learn With Mochi comes in, an award-winning kids coding instructional tool for children ages 3-9 that is completly screen free.

With Mochi, your mini-me will learn the basics of computer programming in a playful, hands-on way as they explore STEM subjects through fun storybooks. Mochi's hands-on experience empowers all children to become makers, creators, and shapers of the technologies we use in our everyday life.

What Is Mochi?

Learn With Mochi

Mochi teaches younger kids coding basics, and it does it all without the use of a addictive screens. Its hands-on design guides children through the fundamentals of computer programming. That's because Mochi harnesses children's innate love for stories to introduce abstract programming concepts in a fun, low-barrier way.

Each Mochi kit includes these basic components: the Mochi Computer (where kids place the coding commands or blocks), coding blocks, Mochi Bear (a stuffed animal), Lego-compatible Rover, and the playmat (the environment that Mochi is exploring). Together these components work to teach kids coding in an interactive and screen-free way

Mochi's Adventure Packs - Screen-Free Kids Coding Tool

Learn With Mochi

To start your child's STEM education with Mochi, choose one of the three Adenture Packs. Mochi's Basic 1 Book Adventure Pack includes everything your child needs to get started exploring STEM using the Mochi method: Mochi bear, Lego-compatible Rover, Programming board with 12 coding blocks, and Mochi's Planets Story set (includes story map). Plus, every Mochi kit comes with a unique SD card that provides unique songs, music, and even audio of the Mochi books.

That's just where the adventure begins. Next, they offer the Mochi Starter 4 Book Adventure Pack. Like the Basic 1 Book Adventure Pack, it includes Mochi bear, Lego-compatible Rover, Programming board with 12 coding blocks, as well as 4 Story Adventure Sets (Planets, Animals, Earth and Biology). The library of educational books provides a story line where Mochi Bear teaches important subjects for early childhood development and takes your child on coding adventures.

Learn With Mochi

For the kid who must have it all, there's the Mochi Extended 12 Book Coding Adventure Pack. It comes with everything in the 1 Book Adventure Pack, plus all 12 of the Story Adventure Sets (Planets, Colors, Numbers, Letters, Shapes, Animals, Earth, Time, Fruits & Vegetables, Biology, Good Habits, Words). These books cover core topics in STEM, which is used to teach your child the basics of computer programming. That way your child can always be learning, growing and adapting to technology.

If we've learned anything from recent events, it's that technology is a critical part of our lives. Yet most of us merely consume it. Giving your child the gift of computational thinking is powerful, because it strengthens their chances of excelling in STEM and at life in general. So what are you waiting for? Click here to ensure your children are an integral part of building our future.

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