Protecting your password has never been more important. 2019 alone underlined that with a disastrous breach of Marriott's system that revealed the information of 383 million guests. And it has just gotten worse from there, and for a few reasons.

First, bad passwords are epidemic. So epidemic, in fact, that Microsoft keeps a rolling blacklist of bad passwords that you can't use on any Microsoft system. Second, reusing passwords is so commonplace that if a hacker can get one password, they'll try it everywhere. It all adds up to a massive security problem that everyone's struggling to fix.

Yet you don't have to fight this problem on your own, and you don't have to remember a complicated password system either. Dashlane, one of the top password managers and app of the year with both Apple and Google, is making a one-year subscription to its premium plan just $29.99, a full 50% off the usual price. Why sign up?


Passwords, of course, are part of the deal. Dashlane offers a suite of tools to make getting, adding, and replacing a password as simple as a click. When you first sign into a new site or replace your password, the software will automatically generate a secure password that has nothing to do with the tricks social engineers use to crack your passwords. And once it's all set up, you can log in with a single click, getting things done without needing to remember anything.


However, using the military-level encryption to protect your passwords is just the start. Dashlane's premium plan lets you store other common information you use online, such as your credit cards, in the same place, and applies the same technology to keep your finances and other material safe from prying eyes. This makes checking out of any website as simple as a click, whether you're shopping as a guest or a long-time customer.

Adding an extra layer of protection, you can enable two-factor authentication for certain materials, making it that much harder for criminals to impersonate you online.

Shared Spaces

We're becoming more collaborative online. As remote working takes off, and as more jobs become tied not to a desk but a laptop and phone, creating safe and shared spaces to collaborate and discuss has become even more important. And sometimes, you may want to share certain passwords, like your streaming media, with a family member or friend who's staying over.

Dashlane lets you create these shared spaces with ease. You can choose to share passwords with certain shared apps and spaces, and even send along encrypted notes to colleagues, family, and friends. And since you can generate different passwords, you don't have to worry about a slip on someone else's part risking your information.

Cross-Platform Design

We've all felt the pain of opening a page and discovering that, oh right, we've stored our passwords on another browser, which this computer doesn't have. Dashlane's cross-platform design is available across all platforms and automatically syncs in the cloud. It's especially handy if you've got a mix of devices, with your tablet from one company and your laptop from another, while your work phone and laptop are part of still another ecosystem. Dashlane puts everything on the same footing and makes life easier for both work and play.

Passwords will only become more important, so make 2020 the year you keep yours secure with 50% off the Dashlane Password Manager Premium Plan. At less than $2 a month, it'll keep at least one thing online orderly.

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