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This Premade Survival Kit Makes It Easy To Prepare for the Worst

Judy Kits are the easy, convenient way to prep for a disaster.

Mar 31 by Futurism Creative
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In a disaster, the difference between desperation and relative comfort often comes down to preparation. But what’s the best way to prepare for a worst case scenario like a hurricane or blizzard that can leave you without power or water for days on end? There’s certainly nothing wrong with doing all the research yourself, and then stockpiling the various supplies and tools you’ll need. But there is an easier way. Thanks to a company called Judy Kits, it’s easy and convenient for anyone to acquire a survival kit to keep you safe during those crucial first few days of a crisis.

Judy Kits are sturdy and fully equipped disaster survival kits that pack everything you really need in an emergency: safety gear, blankets, first aid, tools, food, and drinking water. And since there are four different Judy Kit options to choose from, it’s easy to prepare for your specific situation.

Here’s rundown of the four available Judy Kit options:



The biggest and best of the Judy Kit line is the Safe. For $250, your home will be equipped with 24 items that just might save your life if and when the worst happens. These items were specially selected to keep a family of four safe, fed, and hydrated for at least 72 hours of sheltering in place.


Inside the Safe, you’ll find three AAA batteries, two gloves, four glowsticks, an extensive first aid kit, four shake-activated hand warmers, 16 clean water packs that never expire, four emergency blankets, two bottles of hand sanitizer, four KN-95 dusk masks, ten “mini-meals,” an LED flashlight, and more — not to mention peace of mind.



Next up is the Mover Max, a mobile emergency kit that’s engineered for a household that’s more likely to evacuate than stay put during a disaster. The Mover Max’s 24 life-sustaining items are packed inside a water resistant 500D tarpaulin with fully welded seams. It features padded back support, and can stand up to almost any conditions you’re likely to encounter.



The best selling Judy Kit is the Starter, which is the most practical emergency kit available for anyone that lives alone. Known as “the world’s smartest emergency kit,” it packs a smartly selected assortment of mini-meals, glowsticks, ponchos, and emergency blankets, along with a first aid kit, a whistle, and a pre-charged phone charger into compact and durable pouch that you can grab at a moment’s notice.



The most basic and inexpensive Judy Kit could still make the difference between disaster and survival if the worst comes to pass. The Safety includes a pair of dust masks, a first aid kit, a bottle of hand sanitizer, and a pair of gloves, along with the 24/7 text message alerts and preparedness tips that come with every Judy Kit.


So if you’re ready to tart preparing for the worst while you hope for the best, head over to the Judy Kits online store and get yours, today.

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