• Talkspace is a text-based therapy platform that aims to reach more than 45 million people who are diagnosed with mental health issues each year. The platform allows users to send an unlimited number of anonymous messages to a therapist through an iOS app or on the web.
  • IBM’s Watson supercomputer will power the Talkspace app as it seeks to find what it believes will be a good therapist to fit your needs. By evaluating the anonymous text messages sent by its users to evaluating counselors, Talkspace believes it will be able to gain insights about users’ personality, thinking style and emotional stress.
  • Using Watson’s Personality Insights API, which breaks down and analyzes text generated by users to make decisions, Talkspace therapists can provide clinical feedback during initial consultation sessions. This will help Talkspace generate a match between patient and therapist as well as possibly offer insights into a course of therapy.

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