• The product follows in the footsteps of Soylent, which was launched last year. Comparatively the two are priced at a similar level with Soylent priced at under $10 for a day’s worth of meals and the British product Huel costing £6.50 (or around $10.26).
  • According to the manufacturer the powder contains “rice and peas for protein, oats for carbohydrates and flaxseed, sunflower and coconut for fat, along with a vitamin blend to balance the powder completely”, as well as being free from dairy, animal products, soy, eggs, or added sugar.
  • “Huel has been optimised for nutrition rather than flavour. Its flavour is best described as ‘neutral’ with a hint of vanilla. This is intentional, so it’s not so delicious that you want to consume too much,” the Huel website explains.

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