Automotive and technology companies are, without question, invested in improving driving safety and comfort. Lately, many of them are turning to automated technology in order to make this goal a reality. However, experts still believe that humans are better drivers than robots.

Well, that isn't the case for these tech giants. Last Thursday, Honda Motor Co. and SoftBank announced that the two will be partnering to develop artificial intelligence-equipped products, complete with sensors and cameras, that can converse with drivers.

Honda is the creator of Asimo, a robot that can walk, dance, and grip that was first shown in 1996, while SoftBank made Pepper, an AI that can identify if a person it interacts with has mood swings.

Asimo (Left) and Pepper (right). Credit: Shizuo Kambayashi, Koji Sasahara

Honda said it is now focused on AI research, with its new laboratory in Tokyo opening in September. SoftBank’s robotics unit Cocoro SB will be working with Honda’s project that aims to harmonize mobility with people.

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