Trying to get your regular exercise with a home workout can be a big challenge. In fact, most home exercise products are more likely to end up cluttering your basement than help you stay in shape. However, the MoonRun CONNECT is about to change all that. Developed by a certified physical therapist, the high tech device is the ultimate cardio training tool.

MoonRun CONNECT combines high tech sensors, good old-fashioned elastics, and your own smartphone to provide everything you need to get versatile and effective cardiovascular workouts without leaving your house. Core muscle and stretching exercises plus effective warmups and cooldowns are also featured in the innovative MoonRun app, which gamifies your workouts to provide maximum motivation.

The MoonRun CONNECT system was designed to be better for your body than most traditional exercise methods, including the standard home treadmill. MoonRun’s resistance elastic system coupled with the MoonRun Bar (worn around the waist) lifts your body up and provides an ideal balance of high intensity and low impact. Regular use of a treadmill can wreak havoc on your joints due to the repetitive pounding associated with it. But with MoonRun, the impact of the body is distributed evenly to prevent this damage, and proper form (leaning forward on balls of feet with the body pushed forward with the pelvis) is encouraged. That's something you won't get with a typical treadmill.

As any fitness expert will tell you, the best way to run is to really run, as opposed to running in place. And unlike a traditional treadmill, the MoonRun CONNECT simulates a natural run through the use of elastics which return you to square one after each step.

MoonRun CONNECT Home Workout Tool


Another game-changing feature of the MoonRun CONNECT is the system's Sensor Pack, tracks data on not just your running, but your jumping, squatting, and turning, as well. This info is then analyzed by the MoonRun app for real-time speed displays and other important feedback on your exercise technique and helps to optimize effectiveness for whatever your fitness goals might be. Best of all, MoonRun CONNECT is compatible with a host of other third-party fitness apps that, combined with your TV, can allow you to “run” through any number of digital environments, which provides a quasi-virtual-reality experience for your home workout.

MoonRun CONNECT is perfect for anyone who wants to get their cardio workout at home, including people looking to lose weight, or just increase their endurance without risking injury. It’s also ideal for people who travel often since it’s easy to pack and take pretty much anywhere -- another advantage it has over a standard treadmill.

Ordering the MoonRun CONNECT box gets you a MoonRun Bar, an arm resistance set, a set of medium elastics, a sensor pack and cable, a triple safety door mount, and a branded carrying bag, all for the special promotional rate of $249. So order yours at the MoonRun online store today, and start the next, best chapter of your home workout routine.

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