Playing with marbles is sometimes thought of as a fun, but mindless childhood activity. But the people at ThinkFun have come up with a way to use marbles to teach kids about logic and basic STEM skills. It’s called Gravity Maze, and it's a fun, addictive, gravity-powered marble game for kids aged eight years and up.

The goal of Gravity Maze is to get a marble from point A to point B... or more precisely, from "Start" to the "Target Tower." To do that, players build three-dimensional towers in a variety of different positions and then follow the instructions of up to 60 Challenger Cards which come in multiple difficulty levels from Beginner to Expert.

Here’s a rundown of everything you get with your copy of Gravity Maze:

  • Game Grid
  • 9 Building Towers
  • Target Tower
  • 3 Marbles
  • 60 Challenge Cards (Beginner to Expert) with Solutions
  • Instructions

If you’ve got kids in your house who enjoy brain teasers and logic puzzles, Gravity Maze is a great way for them to engage in that interest. The game helps develop important skills like spatial reasoning and planning. It’s classified as a STEM toy and teals with the basic building blocks of construction and engineering.

Gravity Maze is also designed to get harder as players progress through the Challenger Cards, so there’s a satisfying (and educational) learning curve attached to the gameplay. And all of the game’s components are high-quality, sturdy, and built to last.

Gravity Maze: The Gravity-Powered Marble Game


And lest you assume that Gravity Maze is only suitable for kids, some satisfied Amazon customers vouch for the fact that the game can be enjoyed by adults, too. Like a user who goes by the handle “Learn to be a Mom."

“To me, I think it can be for either adults or kids. Some of them might be very challenging for adults. I have a lot of fun playing.”

Another reviewer, "Amy P.," offers even more praise for the game’s entertainment value.

“My 10 year old son is obsessed with this game. He loves figuring out each maze. It makes him use problem solving skills and logic. This is a great toy for an only child whose parents can't entertain the child every minute. He chooses this over video games! Now that is saying something.”

If you’ve been looking for a way to break your kids out of their screen addiction, Gravity Maze may be just the thing to do it. So, if the kids in your life could benefit from a fun way to learn the basics of STEM, head over to Amazon and get your copy, today.

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