• Project Ara's latest prototype includes a slew of improvements and changes over Spiral 1, the previous iteration. For one, the electro-permanent magnets that once held the modules in place are now on the endoskeleton itself -- the core piece of metal that is at the heart of the Ara.
  • Google also announced that it has added 3G modem functionality and an analog RF bus to the endo that will let the company attach antennas from multiple modules to the same modem. There's a new pollution sensor, too.
  • There's also a receiver module that combines the earpiece audio plus proximity sensor; a 720p display module that also includes the integrated volume and power buttons; a camera module on the back; a WiFi and Bluetooth module; a USB charger; a 3G cellular modem; an application processor module from Marvell; a speaker module; and, of course, the battery.

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